Monday, April 28, 2008

Have you SEEN our SHEEP?!

When I lived in New York, there were all these tours you could go on to see all the different places in the city that various television shows and movies shot scenes. I've started thinking about maybe trying to do the same in Scotland. How fun would that be?! I can say things like, "Mel Gibson stood right here and screamed!! How cool is that?! Hey Mel!" Or, better yet, I could gather all my groupmates together and we could re-enact those scenes in the very spot they were originally formed. Oh, Lord, I have just reached a new level of excitement. Get hyped. It's all going down.

Research: begun!

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Jennifer said...

You are so much more excited about coming to Scotland than I was before I came. You're doing so much research, and you know songs... haha I just came here for- I dont know what reason, and I happened to like it. If you are this excited and you're not even here then you're going to be on cloud 9 for 3 weeks in June. *sigh* wish we could travel it together.