Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Buses, Fart Whistles, and Police, Oh MY!!! (Thanks to Cait for the title!)

Ok. Let me begin by expressing my supreme love of the art of interpretive dance. Every now and again, I get a divine inspiration and there is but one medium of expression. It can't be stopped. It is spontaneous and wild and I think that ultimately, if you don't love it, you can learn to appreciate it. I think it will grow on Doris, despite her scrunched nose at the site of it. Otherwise, I feel as though my dance interpretation of the land of Scot has gone off like gang busters. I concur. ("Sweet," says Cait.)

Monday was a longish day, although fairly enjoyable. We began by taking the bus to the Writer's museum. It was in a great old house in a close along the Royal Mile. I was really fascinated by all the art in the building as well as the history there. We followed that with a trip to the museum of childhood. I embraced this idea by reclaiming my youth. I put my hair in pigtails and spent about half an hour making a cootie catcher in the "Make your own art room". Ultimately, we left and walked around forever and I started feeling sick and had to head back.

When I returned, I hit my second wind and I suddenly couldn't contain myself. My Ipod hit "Levon" by Elton John and I suddenly had an explosion of desire to bust a sweet move. I probably danced for a good twenty minutes. And by "danced," I mean flailed around in the dark. It was pretty much amazing, although I did have a nervous moment where I was afraid that there may be cameras in my room.

Today was kind of long. I wasn't feeling so great but I figured it would pass, so I hopped the train to Glasgow with the rest of the class. Photography is apparently not allowed in the Edinburgh train station, which we learned the hard way. I must say, at the risk of offending someone, I think that cop was a total jackass. Love, Hayley.

Glasgow is cool, but much less picturesque than Edinburgh. We visited the Art School, which I loved, and to which Dr. Rushing told me I looked like I belonged, which I absolutely took as a compliment. We followed it with a trip to a neat tea room and I had an amazing mocha and a croissant. It was lovely. By then, though, I was completely exhausted and had to stop. We headed back on the train and then, of course, we got lost on the city bus. Navigation be damned! I was sitting down though, so I minded way less than I probably should have. We finally got back and Cait and Beth partook of moldy sandwiches and we had a hilarious conversation. It may just be delirium, but I'm ok with that.

Tomorrow is Robbie Burns. Rock on!

Love y'all! xoxoxo

P.S. Ketchup flavored chips = rockin'!!


dorthy said...

Hi Sweetie,

I must admit I'm a little flat-footed myself when it comes to Fart Whistles and Cootie Catchers ??? and must say that may be why you're feeling a little "off-your-feed? But (as you know) I'm all about interpretive dance, AND Elton. Stay away from the moldy sandwiches tho, cause I imagine they could give you Fart Whistles for sure...

love you MOM

KG200 said...

further proof of why i love your mom.