Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wish ewe were here!

Bonjour mes amis!

Alright, so I'm not in France but Scots speak English and that's clearly not as fun! So, another quick one today. It's been a really rockin' awesome day! We started the morning with a bus tour of Edinburgh which was literally amazing. The city is so beautiful and has so much history. It's really hard not to gawk at everything I see. Following the tour, we had the option of going to the Palace at Holyrood House, which is the Queen's residence when she visits. It was simply astonishing. What is incredible to me is that this beautiful but rustic palace (and by rustic I mean "old relic") is still in use by a modern monarch. I think to myself, "would I ever want to live here?" and I can say with extreme certainty "No." I am not, despite what I may generally tell myself, however, the Queen, so what do I know? The thing is, it's like a giant piece of sordid history smack in modern day and it's not even a mere relic! Someone actually lives and receives guests in this place that seems so far removed from the modern world! It's bizarre but also amazing!

Finally, we did a little shopping and got the fabulous shop-keeper at the bagpipe store to play us a little tune (rock on!) and then bought some highly inappropriate t-shirts (which I ADORE) and headed for a traditional meal of Pizza Hut. Seriously, heaven after experiencing the native cuisine. :/ Then we took a fabulous trek back to campus in the rain, which was made all the more hilarious when we got lost and ultimately had to hike down the side of Arthur's Seat in the mud and finally arrived. On the bright side, this is only the first rain we've had. Otherwise the weather has been wonderful, albeit chilly. It feels really good though.

In short, ('cause I'm running out of time) I'm having a fab time already and I'm so pumped for the rest of our time here. I'll upload some pictures as soon as I figure out how to get that accomplished.

I love y'all! You're prettier than all the sheep in Scotland! And that's a LOT of sheep!


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