Thursday, June 12, 2008

I feel the Earth move under my feet

Update: Not dead or arrested. So, all is well.

Today has been quite an interesting one. We started with class where we heard a few literary presentations and talked about our project ideas. Then, we headed out to Edinburgh castle, which is AMAZING! It's on top of an extremely large mountainside and it has the most spectacular views! It's also an amazing place in general.

Afterwards we had lunch in the Grassmarket, which is where they used to chop peoples' heads off. They don't anymore but I was careful to check that my head was still there every now and again, just to be safe. The pub we ate at was great, which is nice because so far the food in the cafeteria has been pretty inedible. Rock on pub food!

Finally we did some wandering with Dr. Rushing and Dr. Bender who are such a fun couple! They are seriously the funniest pair of people I've met in a long time.

I have other things to say, I'm sure, but I'm getting really tired. We're going out to the highlands early tomorrow so I likely won't be able to blog again until Monday.

Have a rockin' weekend, y'all!!


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Jennifer said...

Which pub did you eat at in Grass Market?!