Thursday, June 19, 2008

Arthur only sat because He couldn't figure out how to get down!

Dear my mothaaaaaa,
You are the funniest thing since sliced bread. Which isn't funny, unless you mold it into a bust of a clown or something. So, nevermind. But you are twelve kinds of hilarious!

Moving on... Yesterday was quite the adventure, I must say. It began with a trip to the Robbie Burns heritage museum. I don't mean to be ungrateful for the experience, but it was a bit anti-climactic. We drove three-ish hours on a coach to see a house, garden, mini-museum and some cool monument/bridge bits. I mean, it was cool but not as cool as Disneyland. I will say though, that Robbie Burns was rah-ther attractive. Rock on, you cheatin' dog, genius poet, you!

When we returned to the grand Pollack Halls, we ate some convenience store food (moldy bread not included) and Cait and I decided that we would likely benefit from a short walk. We headed in the direction of Arthur's Seat (read:big-ass mountain) and I suggested we go ahead and make a go of it! I should really be shot. We head up this beheamoth thing and it's going fine until we suddenly realize we have to climb on hands and feet up some rocks. Ok. We can deal with that. At this point it's gotten super windy and rather drizzly and we've been at it for a while. We reach the tip-top and the view is absolutely incredible. You can see out across the ocean and all around Edinburgh. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I'd ever seen! Despite nearly being blown off a giant rock, I was elated. Then we decided it was time to go down, and as we had not exactly stuck to the beaten path prior, we figured "Why start now?". So, Cait thinks she's found a better way down and we get started. Suddenly the trail just ends. There's a drop off and we can't go back up so we have no choice but to literally fall off this drop. Cait goes and then about five minutes later, I manage it (they cal this "being a big fat chicken") and Cait begins sliding down the rocks on her butt. Hilarious. I try to stay vertical but fairly frequently just slip and fall, bouncing like a beach ball down the side of the mountain. At one point we hit another drop off and I call down to Cait, "Is there really no way from there?" She just doesn't answer. Later she said she just didn't want to give me false hope. I thought I was going to have to just change my permanent address to: Arthurs Seat, Scotland. Hitch up your mule and drop me a line.

Luckily, we found a glimmer of hope of a trail that was lined with prickle bushes that we happily held onto to slide down the hill. At some point they just didn't hurt anymore. I was over caring, really. When we finally get to the bottom, we look up and it's nothing but a crack-lookin' deal. It's not even a friggin' trail! We hit the bottom and start walking, relieved to finally be done and realize we've walked past the dorms and have to turn and go back. Completely insane.

It was quite an adventure. I mean, despite it being a bit scary (read: totally freaked me out) we totally rocked that bad boy! We kicked that mountain's butt! Rock on us!! Yahhooooooo!!

Welp, moving on. Today is the National Library of Scotland. We'll see some rare editions of children's books. Rock and roll.

Love y'all!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness you crack me up! Both times I hiked Arthur's Seat I took the damn trails and it STILL kicked my ass.

Sounds like you're having fun darling. I'm really jealous of you walking around my town =) I wish I could be there with you so bad!!