Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm sorry, what?

Hello lovely people!

We have arrived (finally!) here in Edinburgh and I couldn't be happier or more exhausted. I have to make this short because I only have 10 minutes left of my internet time, but needless to say that travelling half-way across the world is quite a trying journey. I will say, however that I love flying generally. I can't help but feel so spiritually connected when the plane slices through the clouds or when it cuts through the sunrise over the horizon. It's seriously magical.

Edinburgh is beautiful. What an amazing place. We haven't seen much yet, but I am incredibly excited for the days to come. I really wish I could have all the loves of my life (i.e. people who are willingly reading this) with me as it would be 10 times the adventure.

I miss and love you all and I will post again soon!

P.S. Mom!!! I don't know your e-mail address!! eeeeeEEEE. E-mail me please! Hope you guys are having fun in Maine! Love you!


dorthy said...

Hi Sweetie,

Mom here, in Maine, and it's so Maine we want to move here right away! Will you please come with us? Miss you and so glad you're having such a great time. How many Kilts have you counted? And have you seen Sean Connery? Or a Scottie? love you. dorthyrgraham@bellouth.net

KG200 said...

Dear Mama Graham,
You are hilarious. I can see where Hayley gets it.